Saturday, May 24, 2008

V. Good Day

6:22 Wake to The Boy handing me my blanket by shoving it in my face. First coherent thought: Nice of him to let us all sleep in this late.

7:30 Eat delicious bacon, egg & cheese bagel prepared by husband while I showered and dressed.

8:00 Grab a tall mint mocha chip frappucino just off the interstate. Keep the cool air flowing in and shiver a little in the dark gray 60 degree weather, but it feels like heaven.

8:55 Gas up in Tucson, Home of the Cheapest Gas in the US. Get ten extra cents off the gallon because of our grocery loyalty program thing. Feel ecstatic to be getting $3.49/gal. Beginning to think I rock.

9:10 Arrive at RWA meeting venue. Next to nobody there yet. Help get everything set up for the day.

10:35 Listen to excellent presentation on revising from a chapter member who writes in a similar "First Draft from Hell" organic fashion. Look forward to implementing some strategies while revising PPR in the near future.

11:07 Am crowned Queen of BIAW, our monthly program to boost output by reporting daily page counts to particpating members. Do the elbow-elbow-wrist-wrist wave and someone catches it on camera.

12:53 Listen to another excellent presentation by the 2008 Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award winner Vicki Lewis Thompson (who is also a member of our chapter) on Dwight Swain's motivation-reaction unit. Am unsure of its appropriateness for drafting my novels, but think of using it to pick apart turning point scenes and such in upcoming revision of PPR.

2:00 Wander over to B&N with a few others for Gabfest. And gab. Feel human again in presence of like-minded adults. Revel.

3:45 Still gabbing.

5:45 Get call from Mark, not to hurry me home but to make sure I'm OK as he had expected to hear from me. Am stunned to learn of the time. Ask if it's OK to hang around for a few more hours yet. Mark proves he is Best Husband Eva by saying, "Have fun." Gab fest continues.

6:45 Move Gabfest to Macaroni Grill for dinner and more gabbing.

8:30 Part ways from fellow gabbers and begin The Voyage Home.

9:03 While driving again with cool desert-in-the-rain breeze blowing and listening to Aes Dana: Aftermath, figure out how the last eight chapters of THUMB will go in terms of who will be the POV char and what the overall story element will be for each. Am vague on details, but feel amazingly organized and ready to tear through Acts 3 & 4 to meet my June 30 deadline.

10:08 Arrive home and give Best Husband Eva a v. nice kiss before running back to writing room to jot down the v. vague outline of last eight chapters. Also blog.


Anonymous said...

Do you have Aes Dana Aftermath as the original CD? I would pay a reasonable price for it.

Kellie said...

Sorry, no. Just have the music in iTunes mp3.