Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oh, My Internets! How I Delight in Thee!

I read the blogs of editors not just because they are entertaining and wise in the ways of writing and genre, but also because they provide lessons in things that I manage to do right with respect to this whole publishing thing. Those lessons come in the form of demonstrating how other writers are making any goof I have committed seem about as significant as wearing white shoes after Labor Day. Nick Mamatas, editor for Clarkesworld Magazine, often shares cringe-inducing tales of Authors Behaving Badly, usually because they try to argue with his rejections.

In the perusal of the latest specimen, I managed to not only bask in the glory of having not stooped that low or screwed up that bad, but I also learned a new pretentious word (démésure) and discovered a great acoustic band:

That's three for the price of one. The internet, as they say, is full of things.

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