Monday, May 19, 2008

Splish Splash

It was a wet weekend for the Drew Monster. Saturday we took him up to the Arizona Science Museum in downtown Phoenix not two blocks from where Mark used to work. Drew had a blast running through all the exhibits designed specifically for little hands to manipulate. He pressed every button, fipped every switch, and never stopped smiling. We walked to the nearby Arizona Center for lunch, hanging out in the shade created by a gorgeous garden and eating pizza while El Boyo Diablo played in the wide open fountain with thirty or forty small water spouts. At first he just enjoyed moving through the water. Then he started to kick the water. Then, when he realized his shorts were soaked through, he bent over and attacked the water with his hands. As we didn't have a change of clothes in the diaper bag (silly parents, never thinking these things through), Drew rode home in just a diaper.

Sunday we sampled my mother's pool for the first dip of the season. At a refreshing 80degrees, the water was still a tad too chilly for Drew to feel much like venturing beyond the top step into the pool, but he had a blast on that step. Tuckered Momma and Daddy right out along with him and worked up the biggest appetite we've seen in quite some time. Boy didn't stop eating once we got him into the car after our swim.

So while the weekend was wet, it was intentionally so, and a gallon of fun. An excellent way to deal with the first wave of highs breaking 100 degrees.

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