Thursday, October 26, 2006

Briefly Back in Boulder County, Part 1

From earlier today before my computer got its wireless networking problem fixed.

I'm writing this in a darkened hotel room, the only light from the screen and a cracked bathroom door. Andrew is sleeping very peacefully on the king-sized bed. He woke up at about 5:15 and needed some comforting, so I took him out of the crib and cuddled until he went back to sleep. Then I set about getting ready for work. In Colorado. In the snow (again, dammit).

I've mentioned recently how there's been lots to talk about regarding this move, especially as concerns the Dreaded Day Job. Here comes the DDJ portion of the State of the Move.

This post started out as a screed in my mind, mellowed to a rant, mellowed even more to a "grin and bear it" observation, and even became a detailing of a unique experience with positive spin. I'm still not sure how I feel about all of this. At times I'm so angry that I want to scream and tear someone else's hair out (mine's already falling out of its own accord at the moment--gotta love stress). Other times, I'm so scared and nervous that I want to curl up into the fetal position and wait for someone to tell me it's all over. And sometimes I think about how much I'm learning and growing and how much I've seen kindness and generosity during the past couple of weeks…and I feel invigorated and hopeful.

First, the rant portion. I've been a key player in a project this year, and our findings from that project need to be presented to our major client. This presentation was originally slated for the beginning of October, or for the week after. Well, that didn't happen, and instead they at first wanted to do the presentation the week I was moving. I told them that sure, I could fly out to the client and present that week--as long as the DDJ paid to load up our truck and clean our apartment because that's what I would be doing the two days they wanted me out of state. They decided that was an imposition and schedule the meeting for this week and decided to fly me back to Colorado after I had been in Phoenix only a week.

Now for the screed portion. On Tuesday, my manager informed me that I had to come back on Wednesday instead of Thursday and stay through to the end of the week. As Mark and I were in the middle of a housing lot hold that ended Wednesday morning, this pissed me off. Then our daycare in Arizona (a tenuous, vague thing that had only been discussed in hypotheticals) completely disintegrated (thanks, in part, to Drew finally saying enough is enough with all of these changes and needing Momma in order to keep from pitching the Biggest Fit Known to Infants). And, of course, seeing as how it was Mark's first week, there was no way he could take time off. My mother's school goes on fall break next week, making the timing there so close as to be frustratingly ironic. And my mother's boyfriend is dealing with the boss's boss this week. Our only option: bring Drew with me back to Colorado. The upside to this is that he gets to go back to his regular daycare up here and hang with all his pals for a couple of days.

Regarding the Arizona house issue: we were able to do a little shuffling and guarantee the same house just on a different lot until Saturday, giving us time to work around my being out of state. I'll have a lot more to say about this matter after Saturday.

Now Andrew is up, and I need to feed him and me and figure out how bad the snow is and if I can drive the rental minivan in it beyond the five minute drive to work.


Joel said...

Frag. This would be a great scene for a novel. Course no editor would believe it :(

Kellie said...

Ha. But, hey, maybe if you pitch the novel as set in an alternate dimension or something... :)