Tuesday, October 17, 2006

State of the Move

For over six years, I have enjoyed Colorado's variable weather. Indeed, it seemed the only way to experience winter: snow one week, warm up to the sixties the next, snow again, warm up to the fifties again, etc.

I am not so enamored of this today.

Yesterday it was a beautiful, sunny 70 degrees. Today, it's somewhere in the forties with friggin rain AND snow. Ordinarily, I'd just brew up some herbal tea, bundle in one of my favorite sweaters, and wait for the warming trend.

However, we are loading up the truck today.

We're cold. We're wet. Our stuff may need Arizona's heat just to dry off this weekend.

The only positive I can find at the moment (other than that, yes, the weather could be worse--*waves to the in-laws up in Buffalo*) is that this weather should be on its way out by the time Mark gets on the road Friday, and the entire front has steered clear of the mountainous stretch of highway at the Colorado-New Mexico border.


Lots of stuff has happened since I posted last, but I have not the time (nor the temperament, damn weather) to get into it now. I should be able to post on Friday and give an update.


Joel said...

cold is not fun. can't wait to read your update.

Anonymous said...

Yeah-I'm with you on the weather thing. Our power came back on at Day 3-yet there are still 100, 000 still without power until Day 7-9. P.S. Is there room on that truck???L-AG

Kellie said...

Joel, d'oh! So much for my update on Friday. Hope you weren't holding your breath for it. :) Life was just a bit crazier than I had anticipated.

Gayle, now there's tons of room on the truck since we've emptied it. :) But it's was pretty much stuffed to the gills before. You could've hitched a ride with the cats in the towed car. Mark tells me the two of them just hung out in the litter box the entire ride.