Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The House

We have pictures. Just not in publishable format at the moment. Our computer with Photoshop is packed away, as are our Photoshop discs. I'm sure my mother or her boyfriend has a copy or that the computers we do have packed have some kind of workaround, but I'm trying to manage a Drew Monster who wants to help me type, and I'd rather not play with tech while he's in easy grabbing distance of it. Later we will post pics.

So, yes, we bought a house this weekend. Well, we actually put earnest money down on a house and signed a bunch of papers. The house is a three bedroom, two bath, single story. It's also got a den/office that will serve very nicely as my writing/DDJ room. I think that's what moved me from "I really like this" to "Can we buy it? Huh? Huh? Huh?" It's 1750 square feet, appliances included (except washer and dryer), and front yard landscaping included. And it's a brand new home in a developing master-planned community. Here's the floorplan. Note the price. We got it for a decent amount less because the market is just that damn good for buyers. All my friends in Colorado are fainting with shock now. This house would sell for at least 275K up there.

The house isn't quite finished. Probably won't be until after Christmas at the earliest. That's actually a good thing. It will let us save up for the rest of our down and closing costs without decimating our savings for emergencies. And it will give us plenty of time to plan out the painting of the rooms. I'm so excited about that. This is the first time I've ever been able to paint a room in a house. Well, the first time that I'd actually be living in that house for more than just summer and winter breaks from college.

The house is just 10 minutes away from my mother's, making our move-in easy to break down into manageable chunks. And my mom works just down the road from our development, so we can also do a car sharing thing every now and then so we don't have to find a second car right away.

We're not quite officially homeowners yet. I don't think that happens until we actually sign all the papers at closing (when the house is finished). But we're as close as you can get. It's nice to have that piece already settled so quickly after moving. It wasn't the timeline we were expecting, it wasn't the location we were expecting, but everything just clicked into place for all of our concerns and questions, and it just felt right, too. I can't wait to post pictures of the finished house and our stuff inside it. My very own room to write... :)


Andi said...

The house looks awesome - congrats on the find!

Kellie said...

Thanks. Now it's just the seems-longer-than-it-is wait until it's finished so we can move out of my mother's house! :)

Anonymous said...

Kellie, I am so excited and happy for you and Mark (and Drew). From what I can see the house looks really awesome!!! Congratulations! Looking forward to next year when Dad and I can visit with you in your new house! Love, Mom R.

Anonymous said...

Not to be Eeyore, but ...where angels fear to escrow.

Kellie said...

Thanks, Mom R. We will actually have a guest room for you!

And as for Eeyore, I'm beginning to get annoyed. This is the second anonymous comment on my blog with ominous yet vague notes about the housing market. If you're someone I know, please indicate your name in the body of your comment text so I can figure out exactly what your concerns are and address them in a more approrpiate medium. If you're not someone I know, either say what you mean clearly or find somewhere else to play Kill Joy.