Thursday, October 05, 2006

It's Official

Mark did get the anticipated job offer Monday afternoon. He formally accepted it yesterday. He starts his first job using all that knowledge and skill he's spent the past ten years building on October 23. Andrew and I will be flying down to Phoenix on Oct 19, Mark will be driving down with all of our stuff on Oct 20. We'll be living with my mother for a few months as we shop (and save) for a house. I'll be working part-time remotely with my current company, flying back several times a year for a day or two.

It feels so amazing to finally have all of this decided and in motion. The next big hurdle is buying the house, but we're going to take our time on that one. We've already started that process and have really been pleased with the selection. It's amazing how good a housing market looks when it's not Boulder County (but not quite as amaizing as when it's not Orange County, I'm sure).

I'm going to try my best to maintain the blog during the next three weeks as we move and get settled into my mother's house, but if things go silent for a while, it's because I managed to pack myself into a box.

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