Monday, October 23, 2006

Hitting the Ground Running

Whew. We've officially moved. Mark started his new job today. Drew is slowly but surely adjusting. The cats are pissed.

I was all set to start breathing normally today, but we found a house that we absolutely love on our way back from dropping off the moving truck yesterday. Long story short: we put a 48-hr hold on it so we could do some heavy-duty research and number-crunching and figure out if it's going to work. Yeah, crazy to think that by mid-week, we could be homeowners. It's especially crazy when you consider that I'm going back to Colorado this Thursday and Friday for the DDJ.

Did you hear that high-pitched scream? It's either me or the cats.

I'm looking forward to getting some writing time finally this weekend. I really, really need it. A longer post with more details of the past couple of weeks of insanity should be landing on the blog by Sunday.

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