Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Need Something to Read?

Paperback Writer challenged her readers to write and post a work of fiction to be available to read for free. Quite a few folks answered the call. Check it out. I know I will be as soon as I have time to spare. Ha. I just added to my scream-inducing To Be Read pile on Monday (local Book Warehouse is closing and their already reduced prices were slashed another 40%; I'll be going back when they get to the "everything $1 or $2" portion of their blowout), and now I have more to read.

I had hoped to participate myself, but moving and the DDJ insanity completely derailed my writing. The project I had intended for this challenge is about half-way done, and, due to its seasonal content, will be ready for me to use for Fall 2007. Not quite the timeline I had wanted, but part of my writing goals for this year included writing a good amount of short fiction to have able to send out regularly until it sold while I worked on the slower-to-finish novels. Mission accomplished.


Anonymous said...

HOW EXCITING FOR YOU BOTH!! Congratulations(unoffically)
What's the scoop with the boy??Are there good day care centers around for emergency use and DDJ travel?
L-AG P.S.Make sure when you decorate that den you put in a fold-out couch--you know for overnite guests.

Kellie said...

There are a couple of day care centers around that I'm going to be investigating this week and next. As good as the kid was last week, I am NOT going to be dragging him with on a business trip again. I may be crazy, but I'm not psycho.

And we'll do you one better, Gayle. We'll actually have a guest room...for a bit at least. The guest room will become Baby the Second's room, once we're on the right financial ground to start actually considering a second child.