Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Handy Freebies

Due to last-minute family health doings (not mine, for once, what a shock) and SNAFUs with setting up my DDJ phone (it's VoIP, which you think would be the tricky part, but no, we've got a dud AC Adapter and can't even fire the thing up--a fact which we realized mere minutes before the RadioShack across town was closing), I was unable to write my Wales post (or finish Ghost Story, or finalize my short story for F&SF, or finish my Velorin backstory thing). Tonight's the night. Anyway, on with the post.

Want to get a sense of what books have sold to what publishers by what agents in the science fiction and fantasy genre? Look here. Very nice listing, pulled from Locus Magazine reports. Good to find new agents, good to see how your top agents are selling, good to see what editors and houses are buying new authors or a particularly subgenre or whatever.

Also, if you're interested in checking out Subterranean as a potential market, they've got an issue up free. This is also worth looking at for any SF writer as it's the cliche issue--that means good articles on writing cliches and well-written cliches or twists.


Andi said...

Actually, that list is really helpful. I'm going to have to print it out and look it over closer when making my decisions in January on who to send What the Mind Sees out to. Thanks for sharing it!

Kellie said...

Yeah, I only had a couple of minutes to look it over, but it garnered me two new agents to query that I hadn't found in my previous hunts. Good luck with the submissions!