Monday, November 27, 2006

Nekkid Time

Like all toddlers, Drew has discovered the joy of streaking. His budding nudism started when we had to change the Drew Monster on a mat on the floor instead of on the changing table (which is packed away somewhere). He realized it was very easy and a ton of fun to roll away from Momma as she disposed of the soiled diaper. Once he got the roll away down, he was off in a flash.

His favorite time to race away in his birthday suit is just prior to his bath. What makes this even more entertaining for him is that the bathroom is right by the stairs, giving Drew an excellent opportunity to show off his cute little posterior as he slides down the stairs in a backwards crawl. Then he's off into the kitchen for a right good amount of shrieking and squealing and grinning for Grandma. This can repeat several times depending on how slowly Momma's moving at getting the tub going.

Drew also appreciates some partial nekkid time. Any chance he has to dash away in the diaper changing process, he'll take it. Sometimes this means running around with only a shirt on. Sometimes it's only a diaper.

Overall, I don't mind the exhibitionism at the moment. As soon as he tries to bolt before I've had a chance to wipe his poopy butt, though, then we'll start laying down the law.

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