Friday, November 10, 2006

My Movies To See List

My mom has TV with all the bells and whistles: HD, lots of channels, TiVo, etc. One thing they have directed their TiVo to record come hell or high water is "Nothing but Trailers." The name pretty much tells you everything you need to know about the show. Thus I have been salivating over the new Bond and, God help me, the new Will Farrel. I think I liked maybe one or two of his characters on SNL, and I've had no interest in any of his movies. Except Stranger than Fiction. Mainly because of the concept of a writer actually messing up someone's world with her fiction. It does sometimes feel that real.

I'm also somewhat curious about Breaking and Entering with Jude Law because it seems like there's a lot of meaty tension and conflict in that. I'd be a lot more curious if it was science fiction, though. While SF and fantasy movies (and books) with that sense of wonder, isn't this future fab, look at all the cool tech is great, I enjoy stories where it takes a back seat to characters shoved into something gripping (and, no, I'm not talking about the jaws of robots).

But there's one snag to my upcoming movie viewing desires: there's only a small theater in this town. There will eventually be a standard multiplex sometime next year, but if we want our pick of new releases and stadium seating, we have to drive thirty minutes into the southern-most Phoenix suburbs. Which, I suppose, isn't too different from the thirty-minute trek from our old apartment to the big fancy mall in Colorado, but it feels different. Here, we drive on a 75mph interstate through undeveloped (or very sparsely developed) desert for thirty minutes. There, we drove on standard city streets through a bunch of 'burbs for thirty minutes. It feels different.

Probably Casino Royale is the only one I'm interested in on the big screen. We'll probably try to do dinner and a movie in the south Phoenix suburbs in the near future to catch it.

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