Thursday, November 16, 2006

Famous Last Words

Remember how I mentioned that I had been prevented from writing Tuesday by a health issue that wasn't my own and how shocking was that? Well, guess where I spent last night? The emergency room. Because we're out of our insurance coverage area (and will be until Mark's new insurance kicks in after he's been at the new place for 3 months), the only way I can get health care at the moment is through the emergency room. Which sucks because the only thing I needed last night was a quick urinalysis to make sure I didn't have an infection (I had a couple of suspicious systems, and because of my fun little bout with urosepsis, they get twitchy about anything that could remotely be a UTI).

So I spent four hours in the ER just to pee in a cup.

Well, it was almost more than that. I had some very minor abdominal pain/cramping most likely associated with all the fun contortions I have to go through to make sure I empty my bladder (yeah, I know, TMI). But the doctor got fixated on it and wanted to figure out why I was having that mild, ocassional pain. Fixated to the point where, after my urine came back clean and my pelvic exam revealed nothing but healthy tissue and organs, decided that the pain could be a sign of the early early stages of appendicitis. He thought it was very important for me to have a CT scan complete with the 2 liters of contrast cocktail in the nasty raspberry flavor to show some parts of my GI track and an undisclosed amount of contrast applied more directly for the other parts.

I started to question whether this was necessary as soon as he said "rectally."

And, sure enough, after yet another urinalysis and some bloodwork that revealed I had absolutely no signs of infection, he decided that it wasn't necessary either and sent me home.

Dude, I would give anything to have a normal health year.


Andi said...

So that flavor is supposed to be raspberry. Yeah, that wasn't I was guessing when they handed it to me.

Gotta love doctors who have nothing better to do than harrass you...though, really, I'd appreciate some of that about now.

Kellie said...

Well, you'd probably appreciate it a lot less if he said "rectally." :)

Dad said...

My reply to docs when they propose something that I consider very questionable is: "you first"

That usually gives them pause and they come up with a more rationale alternative.

Kellie said...

The doc said later that he was only trying to expedite things for me rather than, you know, waiting for evidence of an infection from my bloodwork.