Friday, November 17, 2006

The Hunt for BSG 2.0

No matter how many times I whine about the science of Battlestar Gallactica or groan about the show's tendency to resort to theme-bludgeoning instead of a more subtle approach, I do like BSG and I do have all of the seasons on DVD. Or, well, I'm trying to get all of them on DVD. Getting 2.0 (and, yes, I'm more than a little annoyed that they don't box all of season 2 together; if we hadn't have gotten a $100 gift card recently, we probably would've waited a while before getting season 2) has been very difficult.

We are quite a distance from the only two Best Buy locations even remotely close to us. Again, time-wise, it's not much different than the two Best Buys nearby our old place. But, man, does it seems different. This does mean, though, that we just aren't able to "swing by" the store too easily.

This wouldn't be a problem, of course, if either store had 2.0 stocked. It's one of those items that just never seems to be there. I've seen every other BSG DVD set there, but never 2.0. And when I ask the employees to check if they have anything in the back, they're always telling me that they're sold out, but they have 30 or so due to arrive that weekend. After three trips, I decided to just do the on-line store thing (which is such an unsatisfying way to shop, especially with a gift card; somehow I'll manage to get my spending jollies that way, I'm sure).

I was surprised that 2.0 would be out when 2.5 wasn't. Although I shouldn't have been surprised that they were almost completely out of all BSG DVDs last week after 6-in-Gaius's-head did her little shimmy-shake. I'll bet the MGM folks have someone watching sales and seeing if they correlate to anything in particular in the show. I can just hear the meetings now: "Sure, shake-up the main plot thread, kill the conflict, and fatten up our primary hot stud. Do whatever you want as long as we get 6 nekkid again. She sells a lot of DVDs."

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