Monday, November 13, 2006

This Drew Was Made For Walkin'

It's hard to believe that just over two weeks ago, Drew wasn't doing a whole lot of walking. He could do it, and he would remind us of that every now and then with a few teetering steps before plopping down on his diaper-cushioned posterior and crawling off in to the sunset. Now, though, he's all about walking. And he's gotten pretty darn good at it. There was a slight set back when we actually put shoes on his feet and tried to get him to walk then. That confused him. He tried to pull them off like they were socks. He shuffled along in them, uncertain why they dragged when his feet hadn't. He even thought them strange when he tried to crawl while wearing them.

Now he just tosses them out the pet door with his other toys.

Don't get me wrong, he likes his shoes just fine now and is very adept at walking and even running in them. But that pet door, while he's never tried to wiggle through it himself, is the perfect size for him to play with. And he plays by finding all sorts of things to toss outside.

But back to that walking business. He loves it. When he gets really excited about something and has to get there right away, he'll sometimes still crawl to it. And the more open the space, the happier he is. Everytime we've gone to the new neighborhoood, we've let him run loose in the finished home in our floorplan (the one we originally wanted to buy but realized a November closing date would be nigh impossible to make financially). It's great to see him squeal in delight and just go tearing through the place.


Anonymous said...

I think your Drew blogs should be printed out and bound for his/yours sentimental use later in life. L-AG

Kellie said...

That's a neat idea, Gayle. I just might do that as a Graduation gift (assuming I maintain this sort of on-line presence that long...) :0