Thursday, November 09, 2006


I have completed the oh-so-entertaining task of going through all 800 posts on this blog and labeling them with the new Blogger Beta tag function. The next item on my Blog Maintenance list is to figure out RSS feeds. I sense a headache looming for that one. But I will figure it out. Maybe even by the end of the year.

And I also updated the side bar with the actual wordcount for SoZ. In the insanity of the move, I completely forgot to log my last week of writing in the count. It wasn't a whole lot more, but it did push me past 80K. Go me! This weekend, if I don't manage to accomplish this tonight, I'm going to finish my entry for PBW's 2007 E-book challenge (see, I'm not late for the 2006 challenge, just way ahead of the game for next year's), do one last read-through of a short story and submit it to Fantasy & Science Fiction (they say they want more humor, hopefully this will fit the bill), and get back to Velorin. I stopped my progress on SoZ so I could do some backstory and alternate POV sketching for a particular plot thread. I hope to finish that this weekend as well so I can be writing new words in SoZ next week.

Still to be considered is the best way to keep working on my short fiction so I can always have something out for consideration in a mag. Maybe the perfect plan will strike this weekend as well, making next week an actual "normal" writing week.


Anonymous said...

Yo, Kellie Bellie! It's Peg! Gosh, how time flies, and when I check back in, you're in Arizona!

But I'm happy you're where you want to be. Any thunderstorms out there yet?

Is your home email still the same? I'd like to drop you a line (and vice versa) and catch up sometime!

Keep writing...I expect to see your name in print one of these days!

Kellie said...

Howdy, Peg! Yeah, lots of stuff's been happening the past couple of months. No storms in AZ yet: the winter monsoons don't start until Jan/Feb.

And my email addys haven't changed (still working at my same job, just telecommuting), so fire away to whichever one you have handy.