Sunday, November 19, 2006

Are You Ready for Leftovers?

Oi. Just finished round 2 of 3 of the Turkey Day festivities shopping with my mom. The meal itself is beginning to seem like less of a production than dealing with all of the leftovers. Really bad time to start thinking about losing the weight I wanted to ditch before Drew came along.

Quick observation: We were spoiled in Colorado with our grocer's selections of organic stuff. Spoiled. Mark and I may start making a monthly trek to an organic specialty store in the Phoenix area jut to compensate.

Another quick observation: WalMart has a very crappy food selection, particularly when fresh herbs are needed. We're very happy that a Kroger store is getting built right next to our housing development. We've always preferred them to any of the other stores for price and quality and selection.

And back I go to get all those herbs that couldn't be found at BalkMart.

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