Saturday, November 11, 2006

Part-time Check-in

This week was awesome. My first week with my regular part-time schedule. Let me take the time right now to say how much I love working part-time from home. Even when Drew is less than pleased that he is not the center of my world and screams or cries accordingly. It's great to take five minutes and play with him (instead of the five minutes I would take to yak with coworkers, not that they aren't fun and pleasant folk). It's just a really nice set up. One that will be even sweeter when we move into our house.

The writing suffered a bit this week as we still tried to figure out what our night-time pattern was going to be. Drew isn't helping much here with waking up twice or more during the night. But I should still be able to get the submission in the mail on Monday, finish Ghost Story, and resubmerge myself into all things Velorin. And I'm putting the schedule together tomorrow, including a rethink of my word count goals now that I actually have numbers to look at instead of rose-colored memories of previous writing nights.

We're starting to get used to our new town and its quirks. Mark's adjusting to the commute and the insanity that is Phoenix traffic. Drew is having a ball in my mother's backyard, and he loves the stairs even though it means always having Momma or Daddy within grabbing distance. Life is finding its patterns and rythyms for us again.

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