Sunday, September 03, 2006

Bad Move, SciFi

Well, SciFi recently announced that they won't be carrying SG-1 anymore, but they'll still show Atlantis.

Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Between the absence of SG-1 next year and the apparent decision to run Battlestar Gallactica off from the new episode runs of Stargate, I now have no reason whatsoever to watch new episodes of Atlantis. I wonder how well their ratings will do next season when SG-1 is no longer a part of SciFi Friday. About the only way SciFi can redeem itself in my eyes is if they do indeed bring back Firefly as was rumored last year.

As for SG-1, the official word is that they're going to shop for a new network. Hopefully they find one that's not a premium cable channel. Well, by the time the next season airs, we'll be in a position to afford premium cable.


Joel said...

Huh. That's interesting. Thanks for the update. Personally, we're waiting until the show ends so we can buy the DVDs and watch at our leisure.

Kellie said...

Well, you've already got eight seasons released to watch at your leisure--and the ninth is due out in the next month or two. And then there's commentary.... :)