Monday, September 04, 2006


Andrew has discovered two new sounds: oooooo and ohhhhhhh. He loves to make these noises. He'll even get into volume contests with you if you start aping the noise. And of course his face just looks adorable when he does it. We're trying to get good video and better pics of it.

I would think this sound cuter if he hadn't made it constantly while he was supposed to be napping this weekend. Although, to be fair, he did a lot of things while he was supposed to be napping. Such as standing up in his crib so he could gnaw on his railing or experiment with all the fun buttons on his mobile keypad or knock his bibs and burb cloths to the ground (they usually rest peacefully on the shelf-top of his attached dresser, which is supposed to be beyond his reach; ha). Sometimes he laid down quietly in his crib and only occasionally uttered his "ohhhh" while kicking his stuffies. Sometimes we'd only hear the ribbitting of his stuffed frog to know he most certainly wasn't sleeping.

I think, though, that his favorite time to make these two sounds is when Momma says, "Andrew, no," as the munchkin is heading for unauthorized destruction and mayhem. He'll stop whatever it is he's not supposed to be doing, look at me, and very cutely round his lips and say, "Ohhhhh." Or he doesn't stop and look at me but continues what he shouldn't be doing and says, "Ooooo," like he realizes he's just found a new toy.

I much preferred it when he favored the "mum-mum" sound.

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