Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Happy, Happy! Joy, Joy!

Mark's in-person interview went amazingly well. Barring something strange, we're supposed to hear back (and all indications are to the affirmative) by the end of the week.

Did you hear that really, loud clicking sound? Everything's moving into place! :)

ETN: At 5PM, Friday, September 29, I got a voicemail from my mother (forgot the damn cell phone at home today) that she left at 10AM telling me to adjust my verbiage in order to prevent violating something about confidentiality. I don't think there was a problem with what I posted, but seeing as how we didn't hear back by the close of business today (the end of the work week), I'm not taking any chances.


Auntie Gayle said...

Oh happy day! I'm hoping y'all get that call. I'm sure you'll give more particulars once it is written in stone. LOL-AG

Auntie Gayle said...

P.S.--Mark,you think it was the suit???

Joel said...

Awesome. Sending a happy dance your way :)

Kellie said...

Today's the day. By the time 6PM rolls around (5PM Phoenix time), we'll know whether he's got it or not. Thanks for all the good luck wishes!