Saturday, September 23, 2006

Birthday Prep Check-in

We went in for Drew's one-year-old picture session today. Got a lot of great shots. Those won't be back for about two weeks. This time Mark and I wised up and got extra sheets of wallet-sized photos. We forgot to do that for our family portrait last year and wound up giving away all the wallet-sized photos.

Also accomplished today: bought a couple of gifts for the boy's big day coming up here shortly, bought Mark's interview outfit, and had a fun a la carte lunch at Wild Oats (they have such amazing salads). Oh, and Mark is now up in Blackhawk playing poker as a treat to himself before the interview and to hopefully win some extra cash. He's been doing pretty well up at those tables lately.

As for this week...writing didn't go too well. I did get some accomplished, but not nearly as much as I had hoped. Tonight will go better. I let the CSI and Studio 60 premieres distract me. Bad, Kellie. Bad.

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