Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Whole New Blog Check-in

I just switched over to the beta version of Blogger that will let folks "subscribe" to my blog and get email notification when I have new content. Also, there will finally be content tags so you can browse my blog by topic. I'm betting "Drew" will be a popular one. (This, of course, means I have to go through over three and a half years of posts and apply said tags. I'll probably do that over the course of a month unless I suddenly find a bunch of free time. Ha.)

The week finished up so well with the news about Mark's interview, the news about the DDJ looking for a tech writer (yes, I applied), and Drew adjusting very well to the new day care and being in such a great mood for me while working at home's just so hard to believe that the start of the week was well and truly awful.

As for the writing, I managed to get some done this week. I'm still stuck in the middle and not particularly enjoying it, but I keep trudging onward, knowing that things are going to get wicked cool in a bit. Also knowing that all sins can be fixed in the revision. I may need to start using some other story ideas as a carrot to get through this middle bit.

For the most part, though, I'm just damn happy to have survived this week. I have a feeling that the next few weeks are going to be like that. But I'll survive with a smile, so I guess that's all right.


Joel said...

Congrats on the possible job opp. And it sounds like you survived another week of life relatively unscathed. Yeah!

Kellie said...

Well, after Tuesday we survived unscathed. Monday & Tuesday sure were a 1-2 knockout punch, though. The next three weeks look to be busy but pretty damn interesting. That's usually the way I like things.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your blog. I find it a highly interesting read because
a). I get to think I know you better and b). keeps me informed of my godchild's growth. Iwould also like to come and jump on your bed---sounds like fun to me but I would really like to see video of his laughter and bed shenanigans. L-AG

Kellie said...

We didn't take a whole lot of photos and videos for much of August because of the fun health stuff, but we've been rectifying that this month. It won't be on the CD we're sending out soon (could only fit stuff from 6-10months on that), but I'm sure we'll capture his Bed Hijinks for the next CD.