Sunday, September 24, 2006

Brilliant Marketing

Via John Scalzi, I checked out a new idea for book marketing/bonus material. It's a blog related to a new book. It's supposed to be a standalone story that feeds into the book, or provides insight into the events that occur in the book. I'm checking it out because it sounds like a very clever idea, but the genre of the book is horror (if the blog had to be classified, I'd say suspense/thriller/paranormal with one or two mild horror elements). Still, the blog is an intriguing read and has me curious enough that, dammit, I'm probably going to pick up the book when it comes out. I just have to make a deal that I can only read it during the day and when I'm not alone in the house or something. I used to give myself nightmares just seeing the horror movie covers in the video store.

So. Details. The book is called Chasing the Dead. The blog is also called Chasing the Dead. Start with the first entry.

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