Monday, March 24, 2008

Drewbie Sees a Who

We took Drew to see his first movie in the theater yesterday: Horton Hears a Who. He had a blast. At first, he was glued to my lap, entranced by the big huge movie, looking away only to make sure the fistfulls of popcorn he grabbed made it into his mouth. Then, when the novelty of WOW-BIG-SCREEN wore off and he was just watching the movie, he started running around the otherwise empty aisle, finding new spots from which to watch the movie. We were worried that he might get overly exuberant with his exclamations, but he was mostly quiet as he pointed out things like birds, water, ice, and so on, exercising his vocab and knowledge of what things are and how things work. There weren't more than 30 people at the showing, probably more like 20, but that's because it was 10AM on Easter Sunday, I'm pretty sure.

It was a great experience, one that I'm sure we'll repeat later this year when Wall-E comes out. Seeing as how Mark's first theater movie experience ended with him being carried out of Empire Strikes Back screaming, and one of my first experiences involved hauling a very upset, possibly screaming me out of E.T. and into Annie, yesterday went very well.

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