Monday, March 24, 2008

Progress: More Note-taking than Writing

Didn't post progress reports on Saturday or Sunday despite having made some progress on Saturday. The lack of posting was due to a fun new twist in the Saga of My Health. I developed severe shoulder pain that actually prevented me from writing beyond the 30 minutes or so I logged Saturday. Writing not only increased the pain, it also was one of several triggers that made my arm go slightly numb. My physical therapist gave me a bit of an exasperated look when I shared the new problem with him today. We think the pain was caused by one of the stretches I was doing to improve my back extension. Good times, good times.

Deadline: June 30, 2008
Today's Words: 127 (not much better than 0 but I was starting a new chapter and it's into the meat of Act 2, which is brand new territory for me; spent a lot of time thinking and jotting notes this evening)
Total words: 50,691 (7,691)

Musical stylings: More Rhea's Obsession
Munchies: The last remaining snack portion of chicken tetrazini
Researched via Quickie Wiki or the Google Boogie: Pasta Primavera, "Enter Sandman"
Mean Things: Brutal honesty
Character Revelations: Sela, my MC's best friend, has become to Voice of Truth when assessing people's character. While this does make sense given her backstory, there is a bit of irony in that she has spent nearly her entire friendship with Elize (my MC) lying by omission and that's going to bite everyone in the ass for Elzie's black moment.

Physical therapy contortions: Gave myself the night off since I endured shoulder and neck manipulations on top of the standard scar tissue massage less than four hours ago. Plus, I served as Example of Teh Odd Case Study for a resident/intern/whatever, so my karma's balanced on this, to say the least.

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