Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bath & Body Works Disses My Olfactory Preferences Yet Again

Several years ago, I discovered a scent at B&B Works called Fresh Ginger Lime. Loved it. Couldn't get enough of it. Used it all the time. But within a year of proclaiming this scent my favorite scent, B&B discontinued it. With the help of their semi-annual sales and my mom-in-law, I snagged up a stock of lotion and body wash to last me for a while. But it wasn't the same--I haven't used the stock all that much because I know that once it's gone, it's gone.

I don't have that luxury with the other two discontinuations of my fave products. For several years, B&B sold the Pure Simplicity Oat line of face care products, and I stocked up as much as I could afford because the stuff worked wonders for my skin. Then I realized it was getting harder and harder to find the products so I could stock up. Last year, they vanished all together, and I changed stores and discovered Origins fabulous line of skin care products, though it sets me back a bigger amount (at least it also correspondingly works better).

And, just yesterday, I went to the store to buy more Fresh Vanilla lotion as I just ran out of my last stocked bottle despite having a three-fourths full bottle of shower gel. After wandering through the store and not finding that scent, I confirmed what my sinking stomach was already telling me: they discontinued the scent--well over a year ago, even. So I can't find the last dregs of the scent anymore, they're all gone.

I went to check on-line for any last gasp products in Fresh Vanilla--only to discover that they're discontinuing my favorite summer scent (after Fresh Ginger Lime, of course): Pink Grapefruit.

Sigh. I think it's time to use up every last bit of my B&B stocks and give them up as a store where my olfactory (and skin care!) preferences are either no longer represented or in an unsupportable minority. I'm really going to miss pampering myself regularly with Fresh Vanilla, though. That scent was about the most comforting I had ever found: it got me through the last months of my pregnancy and through the long weeks of my c-section wound recovery. It was the scent I reached for every time I needed to settle myself and relax.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you just rub some fresh oats and ginger on your face? Wouold that not work?

If you're interested, I have posted a new frag of an WIP set in the SOTG universe on FM

Hah! I remember products I used to like that I can't get any more. Swanson used to make "oreintal cooking stock" that I haven't seen in years. Also I used to like "Orowheat Wheat Berry Bread" but Arnol bought Orowheat many years ago and changed the recipe.

What're you gonna do??

Kellie said...

Big Mikey, that you? Howdy!

Thanks for the outside-the-box suggestion, but I can't stop laughing at the image of me rubbing my face with oats and ginger.

Man, it's been ages since I've done anything other than buzz the lobby of FM. I'll take a gander at your piece when I get the chance, but it might take me a month. Life be crazy, ya?