Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Progress: Break On Through

Deadline: June 30, 2008
Today's Words: 1,231 (that's more like it)
Total words: 52,060 (9,060)

Musical stylings: More Magnatune wanderings
Munchies: None, but I'm about to change that
Researched via Quickie Wiki or the Google Boogie: I was a good girl and left Teh Internets alone tonight
Mean Things: Impersonal crew titles among friends, mommy issues, rich girl angst
Placeholder of the day: "It helped that Elzie's mentor, Name Here, had commed them..."

Physical therapy contortions: Man, I am just falling apart. My wrist went bonkers on me tonight, but I'm pretty sure that's just from all the mousework I had to do for the DDJ today. Aside from that, the stretches went well. My shoulder seems to be doing better as my neck gets stretched out, and my hips are definitely vastly improved over the past week and a half. Now I get to work at my scar a bit as Mark and I watch an episode of The West Wing.

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