Thursday, March 20, 2008

Progress: Lord Help Me in Revisions

So far so good with this progress metter posting thing. It's actually making me look at my writing process in a novel way, getting me to look at the little fun bits that might make entertaining fodder for these posts. One thing I realized tonight, though, is just how ugly this draft is going to be. I've got threads starting and dangling and knotting all over the place. I'm putting a lot of trust in Muse that I can pick them all back up at some point.

Deadline: June 30, 2008
Today's Words: 1162
Total words: 49,992 (6,992)

Repetitive repetition: 10 instances of "could", 8 of "can", and 2 of "can't"; apparently I'm all kinds of positive in this bit
Fun with typos: "the information my uncled had" (this is actually a very common typo for me; I seem to add or remove one letter at the end of words frequently)
Odd Spelling Suggestions from my WP's Spellchecker: "barff" instead of "barf"
Musical stylings: Just ATB today, which surprised me as it's usually far too bright a sound for draft composition
Munchies: Craisins and H2O
Researched via Quickie Wiki or the Google Boogie: Nada
Mean Things: Lying to friends and strangers, taking their doubts on the chin
Placeholder of the day: "We can play a game of [something fun] or watch a digie."

Physical therapy contortions: Did all my stretches and even tried the knee one, though I might regret that tomorrow. I'm taking the night off from scar tissue massage as I'm going to get a nasty round of it tomorrow at my appointment. The Nosey cat decided that me sprawled on the floor meant I had invited her to flop all around me and nose and mew her way into my face and shoulders and hands and knead my hair with her paws. I couldn't persuade her otherwise.

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