Saturday, February 15, 2003

Hello, Dolly: OK, so that's what the god of cloned sheep might be singing now. An amazing accomplishment for science, but it did terrifying things for the hopes of society's future. Clones for infertile couples, drones for organ harvesting, a super race. Ick. I just hope that we have enough kinks to work out of this system so we can slow this train down.

Duct tape: The madness with the homeland security warnings is really getting annoying. But my fave CU - Boulder prof, Norm Pace (well, he's my fave because he gave the thumb's up for my thesis and my defense - whether or not he read it or just didn't want me to cry any more, I don't know), finally spoke up about this nonsense. Nice to have somebody actually demonstrate coherent thought on the matter.

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