Monday, February 24, 2003

Well, couldn't post yesterday as blogger was trying to catch up to their new owners, Google. Not that I had anything astounding to say, really. But I'm glad that I can post today.

I did manage to write about five pages (1000 words) on Saturday. That was nice. I had hoped to write more yesterday, but we had a bunch of other things to do. I started off playing racquetball. Seeing as how I haven't touched my racquet in two and half years - except to move it to a darker corner of my closet - I did rather well. I won our match, in fact. Although I think that's more because my arm managed to figure out exactly how to repeatedly hit the silly blue ball to my opponent's weak spot. I wish I knew how I managed that so I could try and do it consciously, perhaps even consistently. But I doubt that will happen. Racquetball is much more luck than it is skill - for me, at least! It was fun to play again, even if my muscles are protesting. I hope that Sherri and I can make this a regular thing.

The insanity that was Sunday continued with much laundry. And the laundry was interrupted by a trip to Costco and a trip to King Soopers and dinner and finishing our wedding CDs. But the laundry is done, the groceries purchased, the chili delish, and the wedding CDs mailed and completely finished. Nice to have that done. Next weekend can be as focused to writing as my other hobby of sining will allow (a five hour long rehearsal on Saturday will make my performance for the Monthly Marathon suffer).

But I need to finish Chapter 5 and start and finish Chapter 6 by Friday if I hope to complete the first Dare of 2003. I am determined to do it. So off to work I go.

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