Saturday, February 15, 2003

So Valentine's Day itself was not the fancy dinner and such that I had been planning. Mark and I both had rough days and just didn't have the energy to make the fondue and pork. So we decided to postpone the celebration until today. So last night we ordered Chinese take-out, ate chocolate, and stayed up really late with a game on PlayStation2. It was perfect. Today we continued our video game adventures, but also made sure we had plenty of time and energy to make the extremely yummy fondue and pork. It was very good. Mark even picked up the perfect bottle of wine to go with it. Oh, and it was a ruby he got me. In a beautiful white-gold, heart-shaped setting. He gives the perfect gifts. And I found out that my V-day cards made him tear up - so I guess I write the perfect cards (go figure - me, a writer).

Writing: Did not happen today. At all. I spent the day playing games and putting together our wedding picture CD. Now all we need are a few actual pictures and we can finally send those CDs off! They look great, though! The label maker is so cool!

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