Friday, February 14, 2003

INJURY UPDATE: Well, the bleeding has nearly stopped. I changed the bandage last night and was relieved that the cut only bled a little. This morning I went to change the bandage again, but realized I'm supposed to leave this special band-aid on for more than a day. So I just wrapped a small amount of tape around it to help keep the band-aid stuck to me. It's easier to type now, but my cut feels the pressure of typing bit more. I guess it's a fair trade. I'm just very eager to have it healed.

WRITING UPDATE: I think I'm going to at least do some revisions from crits today. I hope that I have the time and energy to get into writing the big virus explanation scene, but that may have to wait until this weekend. That's going to be hard to write as it is a large infodump. I'm trusting in Josie and a new character (name??) to really make it interesting and fun to watch Eugene get lectured. If I get that done before the end of the MM, I think I'll get back to Denise and see if Mike's going to contact her yet. I'll miss yet another Think Tank tonight, but I think it's far better to spend the evening with my hubby on this fine holiday.

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY: Today marks the two year anniversary of Mark's infamous proposal during my lecture on chick embryo organogenesis. I was just remembering today how at least half my students thought it was a joke or prank and hadn't realized that their two TAs were not only dating, but living together! I often wonder how scientists fail to be observant about such things sometimes. Last night Mark and I stayed up really late watching VH1's "Top 100 Love Songs" special. We were just happy that the Titanic theme didn't make #1. It was neat watching some of the "power ballads" we grew up with high on the list. But we couldn't figure out why Susan Lucci was one of the commentors on the songs. Interviews with people such as India Arie, Diane Warren, and even Ice T were understandable. But Susan Lucci?? Whatever. Mark and I are going to use our fondue pot we got as a wedding gift tonight. Smoked Cheddar with bacon fondue. Yummm. I'm drooling already. And last night we made brownies, cut them into heart shapes and decorated them like conversation hearts. That'll be a fun dessert. I know Mark got me jewelry (well, he always gets me jewelry, bless the man), but I have no idea what. I'm looking forward to that surprise. I'm more excited about the birthday present I found for Mark this week than any of the Vday gifts I got him. Just 13 more days until I can give him that gift.

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