Friday, July 21, 2006

...And Really Bad Eggs

Actually, there's not a bad egg in Dead Man's Chest. The second Pirates movie manages to combine all the fun of the first movie with some serious character arcs and dark plot elements. By fun I mean things like a three-man swordfight that starts on a beach and ends in a rolling water wheel. Yes, I said in. By dark I mean things like romantic tension in unexpected areas and a very desperate Commodore Norrington. (I'd like to take this time to predict that, depending on whether Disney Disney-fies the third movie--which it really didn't feel like they did in this one--that things are going to end well but badly for that man.)

It's a bit confusing in the beginning, setting up the whole Davey Jones bit, and it took a very long time to understand that it was the East India Trading Company being set up as the bad guys. Chances are this isn't as confusing as I remember, but there was a lot to see and absorb in the first thirty minutes. I'm taking that as some unspoken advice on SoZ, by the way.

As a very random aside, I'm very happy to see that Mr. Bloom seems to have put on weight since Troy so he no longer resembles a walking twig who looks good with scruff.

It's going to be very hard waiting for the third movie as they ended this in true second of a trilogy fashion with a cliffhanger. But it's definitely a must-see this summer in the theaters. Really. The swordfight I mentioned above alone is worth the cost to see on the big screen.

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