Sunday, July 30, 2006

Gone Baptizin'

There wasn't a post yesterday as we had relatives and friends hanging out with us, waiting for the big event of dunking Drew's head in a baptismal font. And then Drew treated us to a lavish meal and celebration afterward. He's a generous one, is my son.

Seriously, the bapitsm was very quick but not quite that painless. There was a miscommunication with the time, so Drew was sedate and curious when we arrived, but by the time the priest had everything prepared, the Drew Monster wasn't at all calm. It's been a long time since I've had to hold on to him while he squirmed non-stop. He also spit up in the middle of the ceremony, so any pictures of him past a certain point will show a nice yellow stain on his otherwise pristine white outfit. By the way, he looked absolutely adorable in that outfit. Thanks, Gramma Robida! Despite the extreme restlessness and rather frequent and loud babbling, everything went well.

My week was a bit nuts with preparing for yesterday and trying to keep my sanity at the DDJ. The week caught me by surprise. I was so caught up in getting Mark through his thesis and defense that I kept telling myself the baptism was later, not to worry about it. So when all of a sudden it was Monday and we had relatives coming soon, I was thrown off-kilter. Didn't help that I got a great writing idea on Monday, wanted to immerse myself in it, and was forced to sit through work. I hate it when I have weeks like that. Most of the time, I'm pretty good at finding a way to get some of the writing done and still get all my work done. But the "sudden" craziness of the week kept me from doing that. And then, of course, I didn't get any time to write in the evenings (family comes first, no matter what my job is; if family is visiting, then my evenings are spent with them; if I didn't have the DDJ, then I might've been able to work out some writing time even during the visit, but that's an idea for when I dont't have the DDJ in the future).

So not a bad week, more a mix of extreme frustration at work and fun with family and friends when not at work. Still, I'm looking forward to this week, now that I don't have any curveballs that I know are coming. The ones I don't know are coming are easier to deal with, actually.

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