Monday, July 31, 2006

Drew's Favorite Toy

No toy is as much fun as the box it comes in. In Drew's case, no toy is as much fun as those items in the house not meant to be toys. The Boy is amused for long stretches of time by things like remote controls, stacks of paper, and DVD jewel cases. But his absolute all-time favorite toy-that-is-not-a-toy is his humidifier.

It's a sweet number we got to keep his little nose from drying up. It's got twelve different settings that you can cycle through by pressing one button. It's got a "filter quality" gauge. It's fairly quiet.

A couple of weeks ago, Drew discovered that pressing a button on this device will make some lights flash and turn the blower on. He further learned that continual pressing of said button made the device flash more lights and change the timing and intensity of the blower. The first time he made these discoveries, he was not so thrilled. But he kept going back to the humidifier. Now he squeals every time he turns it on and makes the blower go. He talks to the humidifier. He leans on it while standing. He bounces around it. He does his index finger thing to it. He smacks it with the flat of his hand.

He loves this thing.

I wonder if he'll accept a newer model humidifier in place of the Super Ninja Power Morph Tamagachi Elmo (or insert over-priced, way too friggin' expensive, extremely loud, over-hyped marketing ploy here) that he'll be wanting for Christmas in three years.

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