Monday, July 10, 2006

The Little Drama King or "I Want my Mum-mum!"

This picture fairly well encapsulates how Drew and I spent last Wednesday--except he wasn't always sleeping. Yup, the Drew Monster spent pretty much all day in my arms, very often moaning his discomfort. While it was true that he had a low-grade fever, some congestion, and teeth trying to push through his gums, he also had Tylenol and teething rings. By the time he was moaning almost as an afterthought while doing his index finger exploration of my thumbnail and hand, Mark and I suspected that little Drewbie may be developing his Momma's penchant for the dramatic. We fully expected him to flop onto his back, hand to forehead, and utter his first words: "Oh, I can't possibly go on!"

Or it could be that last Wednesday was the first day he made known his "only Momma can soothe this teething pain" attitude. Since that day, every time I've left the room, Drew has looked around for me, started to cry, eased himself to his knees, and crawled off in search of me, babbling "Mum-mum-mum-mum" through his tears.

Regardless of whether it's high drama or the first signs of Momma-clinging, it's clear that this teething business is having a pronounced impact on the Boy's moods. His top two teeth are right there, the tiniest bit of gum tissue remaining as a barrier, and the bottom two teeth aren't too far behind (actually, they could be just as far along; Drew doesn't like to let us look at them, but boy do we get a good look at those top teeth every time he hollers when we try to wipe his snotty nose). Here's hoping those teeth pop out this week.

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