Monday, July 24, 2006

Watch Out! He Can Bite Now!

Two of Drew's teeth finally cut through this weekend. Of course, you can't really see them just yet as they slowly drop. But he's gotten very good at biting his spoon during feeding, an act made much easier by the fact that it's both an upper tooth and a lower tooth that have popped out. The attitude change was amazing, though. He laughed and smiled and grinned and had a ball this weekend, much more like his usual self from before the teething business started a couple of months ago. He's also ravenously hungry, as if the teething also kept his next growth spurt at bay.

In other Drew adventures, I promised a tale that prevented me from posting last Tuesday. We had a diaper blowout. Big time. And we didn't notice it right away because he was playing in his ExerSaucer. This gave Drew all the opportunity he needed to spread the joy of said diaper blowout all over himself, the ExerSaucer, and Mark (when he unwittingly picked up the Boy). It's a peril of parenthood that you will get covered in more of your child's disgusting substances than you care to think about. Drew's subsribed to the equal opportunity school of thought when it comes to getting his 'rents all messy, and he's been kind enough to do so when both parental units are around so both Mark and I get to take care of the clean-up.

That's the news on the Drew-front. He's getting baptized this Saturday, so be sure to read next Monday's post on who the little guy deals with that.

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