Friday, July 28, 2006

SciFi Friday is Back! Well, Kinda...

The bliss that is the 'gates has returned, but it feels a bit lonely without Battlestar Gallactica (I really don't understand the logic behind putting BG up against the major networks' Friday night line-ups; not that I don't think the show can hack it, it just seems odd; it's also a gamble with its core viewership since the 'gates will be in reruns in October when BG starts...*sigh*).

At any rate, I'm very much enjoying SG-1 as always and looking forward to this season of Atlantis (which surprised me). I love that Valla is a primary cast member now, should make for some interesting moments between her and Daniel. Daniel, by the way, has arced in such a great way. Some of last season, and so far all of this season, there's been this great sense of "been there, done that, and it was fun, but let's move on to the new stuff" attitude from Jackson that I just adore. It acknowledges the weight of the past nine years of adventure, acknowledges that not all of that weight is hard to bear, and acknowledges that there's still so much more to do and it will be Good. It's this attitude alone that makes me think SG-1 can run for another 200 episodes. As for the Ori, isn't it about time we got a complex and dangerous female Messiah? Maybe there have been others running around on TV and in books and I've missed it. Maybe I see the Orisei as something special because of the child-parent dynamic they've used. Regardless, I like this character and the conflict she brings.

As for Atlantis, I unfortunately missed the end of the last episode. I really hope that they didn't destroy Michael. His character and what he represents (the good guys doing something really bad not once but twice in trying to defeat their enemy, as well as a conflict-laden connection with the enemy itself) is fascinating and pretty damn good drama. I hope that's a focus of this season. If it is, I'll be hooked. If it goes back to Shepherd and His Lady Loves like it was last season, I may stop watching the show all together. Joe Flanigan is not hard to look at, but his exploits last season had a distinct Marty Stu pall (for those of you not familiar with that term, try Mary Sue or Jack Ryan).

But it's always nice to have new stuff on SciFi Friday again. Good to see what the genre is doing and where it can do better and where it can do worse.

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