Thursday, June 01, 2006

And I Had Such Grand Plans

This past weekend wasn't just a three-day weekend for me. It was a monster six-day weekend. And, boy, did I ever have ideas on how to use all that time away from work.

Drew's daycare provider is on a well-deserved vacation, and I took the first half of it off to stay home with Drew while Mark is taking the second half of it off. My eyes got huge at the thought of six straight days without the DDJ. I still drool about it now. I was going to work out every morning, walk with Drew every day, spend tons of time making my little boy laugh, and when he was more amused with a piece of paper than my smiling face, I would hang out next to him and do plotting and research for SoZ. It was going to be a blast.

Last Thrusday, the first of the six days, I did work out and walk with Drew, but I spent the rest of the day playing with him or watching him play. I figured I had earned a day to just be a mom. Friday was going to be different. I was all set to do some research in the afternoon during Drew's solo playtime, but it turns out Drew is teething in a bad way and "fussy" was putting it mildly that afternoon. Saturday went much the same way. And then Drew woke up Sunday at 3AM crying for a bottle--and I woke up with him, moaning for a bucket and clear path to the toilet. I spent all day Sunday sicker than a dog, Monday recovering, and Tuesday suffering a relapse. And then it was back to work.

Still, it was very nice to be away from work and spend a lot of time with Drew, even if he was fussy. He does love his walks, and I love watching him just take everything in. Plus, I got to be there when he figured out how to stand up in his bassinet. (That prompted the lowering of his crib and the removal of the bassinet in favor of the much higher-walled playpen.) So I didn't have the amazing productive, relaxed, fun weekend I had planned, but it was certainly enough to just be Momma again.

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