Saturday, June 10, 2006

Murphy, Thy Name is Mud

Of course, the week I decide to turn over a new leaf in blogging is the week that Blogger goes wonky, the DDJ sprouts a raging fire garden, and the homefront has a hiccup. But, this is why I'm making an effort to be a blogging pro now. I'm learning how Real Life can snarl up the works and demonstrate how I need a great deal more posts ready-to-go and a better schedule so the blog is maintained despite the sort of insanity mentioned above.

Still, my plan for the blog is gelling a bit better in my mind. Drewbie Mondays is a keeper as I'm never at a loss of words or pictures about him, and Monday is a good day to have as an "easy" posting day. Even fifteen minutes at the DDJ can garner me a good Monday post this way. Wednesday is going to be a writing post day, either about my writing in particular, or about the industry. Friday is going to be pop culture day, and all posts on that day will be reserved for movie, TV show, book discussions/reviews/observations. Chances are those will be evening posts more often than not. Saturday will become my check-in days, quick posts in which I can analyze what worked and what didn't with the blog, the writing, life in general, etc, and formulate a plan for the coming week. I want these to be quick posts so I don't get bogged down with over analyzing the week. Sunday is going to be the odd grab bag day. Sometimes it'll be random links, sometimes it will be ruminations on recent blogosphere happenings, sometimes it'll be fun exercises. Tuesdays and Thursdays will be my semi-regular feature days.

This, of course, is subject to change.

While the execution of the Pro Blogging effort faltered this week, the spirit was still there. I think this is a good idea, and I look forward to better implementation this week.

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