Sunday, June 25, 2006

An Author a Day and Adventures in Book Tours

Here's a neat concept for a blog: a group of thirty authors joined together, and they each take a day of the month. Always fresh and unique, spreads out the responsibility so no one has to provide original content every day, and offers a variety of perspectives. They do seem to be very male and very horror/thriller, though. (And I really wouldn't have noticed the gender had the issue of sexism regarding a Big Name short fiction spec fic mag not been making the rounds on the blogosphere.)

Via Lee Goldberg, I've added another item to my list of Advice Garnered from Writers on the Web. A mystery/thriller writer did a gig at an independent bookstore and, when all was said and done, asked the indie bookseller for directions to the nearby Barnes & Noble so he could sign some stock. Drama ensued. Seriously, both Barry Eisler and the bookseller were, for the most part, very cordial and civil, though I think the bookseller got a bit carried away in even mentioning that other indie booksellers would consider the incident enough to thwart an author's career. And things get even more interesting when the bookseller mentions the Japanese culture and how asking for directions to a competiting business would be a revenge-killing offense. I'm hoping the 'seller was being intentionally melodramatic there for some sort of comedic effect. But before you can get all bent out of shape about the 'seller, read through the comments of that post, and Mr. Eisler mentions that the supposed gaffe occurred after the 'seller offered him a ride to his hotel. It's unclear if Mr. Eisler said, "No, thanks. Can you drop me off at Barnes & Noble instead?" or if he just asked for directions and was going to walk himself there and find his own way to the hotel after that. If it's the former, than I think I can understand the 'seller's indignation a bit better. It's one thing to give someone directions to a competing business; it's quite another to be asked for a ride there.

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