Monday, June 12, 2006


I have an absolutely perfect picture for this post. Unfortunately, I took it yesterday and haven't been able to transfer it from the camera, Photoshop it, and transfer it to my flash drive to pub here. That's a Mark thing, anyway, and he's very busy writing his thesis, so we're not going to bother him.

Andrew has developed a strange mishmash of flopping, sitting, rolling, and crabwalking in order to get him from point A to point B. He'll get himself onto hands and knees, but when he tries to move one knee forward, he doesn't move his hands. This translates into pulling his knee up far enough that he can swivel from a crawling stance into a sitting position. If he doesn't pull himself into a sit from the crawl position, he'll flop forward onto his chest and inch his way along the floor.

He's very adept at pulling himself up to a stand. I think this is in part because he enjoys to stand so much and when he decides to move into a crawl-like stance from sitting, he often locks his knees so he's tottering on hands and feet. All it takes is a convenient ledge (such as, I don't know, his crib railing), and he'll leverage himself up to be standing tall. I discovered this when I went to check on him when he was supposed to be napping. He was standing in his crib, gripping the top of the rail, staring proudly at the pacifier he had spit into the center of his room. And he was very quietly proud of this.

Our boy doesn't make much noise when he's doing his strange moving thing in his crib. Unless he's unhappy he's awake, then we'll walk in to find him sitting in the middle of his crib (because he's learned how to sit up from being on his tummy--a position he often doesn't appreciate waking up from).

All this translates into having to lower his crib to its lowest setting already, not even a month after setting it to the middle height.

That Drew Monster's going to skip that whole ankle-biting phase and go straight for knee-biting. That is, only if there's not a paper product within reach instead.


Dad said...

I think this child is genetically predisposed to creative locomotion!

Kellie said...

I've heard that Mom never crawled, but I don't remember any stories about me...I'm sensing there are a few, though. :)

Dad said...

Something about discovering that a chair is an excellent intermediate path to a countertop comes to my mind. After that, I often found that I had to forego that bowl of Cheerios in the AM. An occassional check of the Cap'n Crunch and Lucky charms revealed they were usually empty as well.

Happy Birthday!!!



Kellie said...

Nice to know I was up to mischief at such a young age! :)