Monday, June 19, 2006

Caution: Ankles May Get Moist

Another Drew post without a picture. I know, I know. I think Mark might have some time this weekend to download some pictures and post them on the web. Too bad we can't post video because the Drew Monster has mastered crawling and pulling himself up to stand. As soon as he gets his teeth, ankles will be in danger of some nibbling. Right now there just in danger of getting gummed and soaked with drool.

Drew's not really interested in crawling unless it means he can get he diapered butt into something fun, such as the coffee table that has lots of papers on top of it (not to mention the remotes) or the TV cabinet that has all sorts of things to grab in it. Also, he seems most interested in crawling over to something that will let him pull himself up into a standing position. He loves to stand and walk along the furniture.

But the best part about these new tricks is the sound he makes while he does them. He blows constant raspberries, so he sounds like a little moist engine motoring around on the floor.

He's already earned a few war wounds. He hasn't quite figured out that opening the TV cabinet can also result in getting his fingers pinched if he can't keep the cabinet doors opened. He hasn't fallen down from standing too much, and that surprises him more than anything else.

He's also started clapping--softly for the time being--and he's getting interested in high-fives and paddy-cake. Now, if only those darn teeth would come in....

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