Thursday, June 29, 2006

Moving Right Along

Two weeks until Mark defends the thesis he handed in on Monday. Total job applications: 1 (with a second one ready to go as soon as references are confirmed). Total job offers: None so far, but keep those fingers crossed.

It seems unreal that in six weeks, I can start working part-time (that's when Mark officially becomes a postdoc, even though he'll have defended his thesis and officially "graduate" a month before). And as those job apps keep going out and more and more things start clicking into place, I'm starting to get frazzled by the sheer amount of Stuff to get done to pack us up, move, and start a "real" household.

I suppose it's no wonder I got sicker than a dog this week. Although, I think the late nights spent helping Mark tweak his thesis didn't help my immune system either. And I know that the two hours we were up past midnight Monday morning fixing the 11th hour formatting issues that struck the document didn't help matters (wheee, it's so much fun cutting and pasting text one page at a time on a 105-pager to fix very stubborn page numbering issues).

It's just so hard to believe that everything we've been working toward for the past six years is about to happen, right here within our grasp. It's one of those moments when you have to admit you're a grown-up even though you feel the insecurity of a lost child.

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