Monday, April 21, 2008

Drew: All American Athlete

The Drew Monster is developing quite a sports addiction. He has a blast playing "soccer" in big open fields. Mostly, the game consists of running around and kicking a ball willy-nilly. Sometimes he aims toward the goal. He will shout "Yay!" whenever he kicks does manage to score. Lately he's been growing adept at throwing a small plush football and catching it (as long as he's reclining a bit, the ball is thrown at his chest, and he can trap it essentially with his whole body).

He's also developing excellent jumping skills. He can jump quite far from a modest height. On Friday, he demonstrated that he can jump side to side on two pedestals of equal height. As Mark said, our son would easily win the Toddler Long Jump event.

We expect that soon he'll be rolling and somersaulting as well as any six-year-old. He's already started to experiment with that. Plus, he loves walking the two-feet high stone decorative fence thingy near the playgrounds like it's a balance beam. He still needs to be holding on to Momma's hand when he does it, but he has a blast.

Then, of course, there is his prediliction for climbing, which continues apace and manages to shock most folks who haven't seen it regularly. We might have more fun stories to share in that vein next week after our trip to the Grand Canyon later this week.

One thing all of this activity means is that Drew's shins are never going to be bruise free until he's in his twenties. Maybe.

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