Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Progress: Another Chapter Done

I took last night off to get all my ducks in a row for [redacted]. Hopefully I'll more news to report on that score within the next few weeks. Keep your fingers crossed. (Yes, that was cruel of me, wasn't it?)

I had anticipated writing one more scene for this chapter, but the scene I finished today went on a bit longer than I anticipated. Plus, I realized it made more sense to have the next scene in Elzie's POV.

Deadline: June 30, 2008
Today's Words: 1,448
Total words: 58,438 (15,438)
Musical stylings: Halfway through I turned off the usual playlist and did some more wandering through Magnatune
Munchies: One square of chili-infused dark chocolate

Mean Things: Saying things that needed to be said at the wrong time and in the wrong place using the wrong tone, Hot encounter that ends in a solitary cold shower
Placeholder of the day: "Our next stop is Kerri's colony, right?" I might've finally named this colony which isn't actually a colony anymore but a boarding school on a somewhat remote space station, the location of which I still haven't pinpointed and keeps changing depending on what I think the story needs at the moment. Ah, the revisions will be a joy.

Amusing Tidbit from Kellie's Day: We're so on top of things that we (read: Mark) took care of our taxes over a month ago and have already received and spent our meager refund. This is pretty much standard operating procedure. April 15th is just another day for us. So much so that when I went to mail a package, I was hanging out in the suicide lane, waiting for a chance to turn left into the post office, wondering why in the hell everyone and their brother seemed to be turning right into the lot and thus ruining every single break in traffic I might've used. Then it hit me that it's Tax Day. So I pulled back into traffic and headed over to the UPS Store which was blissfully empty. And also conveniently located next to Cold Stone Creamery. I treated the Drew Monster to a kids cup of cotton candy ice cream (he marched right up to the counter and pointed to the bright blue confection and said, "Oh, mine!" Then he pointed to the chocolate and said, "Your.") which melted rapidly in the 90+ degree heat he insisted on sitting in instead of the store.

Physical therapy contortions: The left arm is starting to numb out on me, which means I need to focus on the neck exercises tonight. I will actually do the stretches tonight as I still have to eat a little something to take my pain med. I want to get back in the habit of doing the stretches after I finish my writing and before I do this post. Tonight, however, I opted against that in order to write more words. Unfortunately, it still translates into staying up later than I had intended. Of course.

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