Sunday, April 20, 2008

Progress: ...And I'm Spent

Funny how getting to a college library at noon on a Sunday will not land you in the middle of rush hour for finals crunch. I nabbed a spot right next to an outlet for the laptop. Such areas, I gathered, were prime real estate. Later, lots of laptop-laden students wandered past me, looking for other places to plug in. In fact, my spot was snatched up just about as soon as I put my bag on the table and stood up to break down. I imagine this will be an excellent spot for me during the summer months.

Deadline: June 30, 2008
Today's Words: 2,148 in 3 hours (which is not lightning fast, but still fatigue-inducing when it's not the norm)
Total words: 61,914 (18,914)
Musical stylings: The usual playlist
Munchies: Sweet&Salty peanut granola bar

Mean Things: Longtime friend becomes fortune-hunting scum while sharing the fun rumors the antagonist has been spreading about the MC; unrequited lust
Placeholder of the day: "As for what it was she stole, that's where the rumors start to vary wildly." (If only to keep me from coming up with a few plausible items that might have warranted all the fuss while still putting the MC on-notice that the antagonist is on to her.)

Amusing Tidbit from Kellie's Day: I miss the college campus atmosphere. Something about all those buildings and students going to and fro that makes me feel at peace with the universe. Plus, I get to hear conversations both fascinating and mind-numbing. Of the latter variety, I overheard two kids who clearly had some experience in higher math (they exchanged pleasantries about Differential Equations--DiffEQ) but were a bit lost when it came to the chemical nature of what I'm fairly certain was a thermodynamics lesson. Some highlights:
"Uh, this says 'liquid crystalline phase.' What is that?" (This would have been more entertaining had they been working on a laptop.)

"Do you know what a polymer is?" The partner's immediate response: "No."

Physical therapy contortions: Much later tonight, after steak dinner

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