Monday, April 14, 2008

Share and Share Alike

Having officially turned 2.5 years old ten days ago, Drew is keeping up with the growing and learning and general toddler thing. In some ways he seems to be beyond his age, in others not quite at average skill levels. But he's definitely got personality in spades.

Quite beyond the stereotypical Terrible Twos, our darling little toddler is exploring the world of sharing. He's gotten over dubbing everything "Mine!" and started pointing out that while this item right here may be his, that item over there is "Your!" Each night for the past week or so, Drew picks up the three books his godmother gave him at his baptism and gives the blue one to Daddy, the purple one to Momma, and keeps the red one for himself. Daddy and Momma read their respective books out loud, and Drew makes a few open the book and shut it gestures to show he's reading too. Then he collects the book in a pile and redistributes them as Momma and Daddy tuck him in. He gets upset if we don't take our books with us when we leave for the night.

He's also dubbed a big blanket (also something his godmother gave him, now that I think about it; way to go, Aunt Gayle!) Momma's (or Daddy's, whichever parent is around) and the blue blanket he's had since birth that his great-grandmother made is his. The blankets have to accompany us at the dinner table. He's very particular about ensuring that our respective items share in our daily lives.

I'm not sure others his age would be so keen on this concept, but Drew really digs it. Let's hope it lasts or fares this well when put to the test of another kid trying to play with one of his toys.

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