Thursday, April 03, 2008

Progress: Eyes Fail Just as I Hit my Stride

I keep meaning to go to bed early, but I never do, and my body is starting to get irked. At least I'll be able to sleep in tomorrow night.

Deadline: June 30, 2008
Today's Words: 499
Total words: 52,897 (9,897)

Musical stylings: More Magnatune wanderings, specifically their electronica offerings
Munchies: Trail mix with cranberries, peanuts and white & bittersweet chocolate chips

Fun with typos: It's nice how clean the writing is when you don't get much of it in a sitting.
Researched via Quickie Wiki or the Google Boogie: Still playing nice with the internets
Mean Things: A reluctance to elaborate beyond "yes" or "no"; more troubles for our intrepid MC, this time not hers
Placeholder of the day: Jasper's "rooms" (office? suite? game rooms? enquiring minds want to know! Maybe I'll hire US Weekly to do the line)

Physical therapy contortions: They are proceeding apace. Friggin' shoulder is acting up again, though, this time by making my pinky and ring finger ever so slightly tingly with the numbness. But at least tomorrow's PT session will at least be less painful than Monday's. Note to self: cancel scar tissue massage when you are suffering severe menstrual cramps in the future.

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